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Our commitment to expand access to quality medicines and contribute to global healthcare by providing innovative & unique products, thus, improving the lives of the patients

Producing and promoting high quality therapeutic products

Driven by Innovation

Fusion Health Care strives to address the unmet needs of patients by applying innovative Products in all areas of the Pharma value chain and exploiting unique capabilities with complex formulations…

About Us

Welcome to Fusion Health Care, Fusion is an emerging Indian Pharmaceutical Research, Manufacturing and Marketing Company established in 2007 by a strong and experienced team of professionals having a pan India presence. The launch of Fusion was a conscious decision to promote research, production and sales of cost effective, value added, and tested quality products. Fusion specialized in a most sophisticated and state-of-the-art quality products across specialties like Critical Care, Anesthesia and Plasma Derivatives. Today, Fusion Healthcare is the preferred choice of domestic healthcare industry in providing exceptional products, services and solutions. Our customers know us for excellence in everything…

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